CharterWise Management

CharterWise helps charter schools focus on the heart of their mission, by providing comprehensive back office support and financial services. You can trust our Certified Accountants and experienced industry professionals to help you grow great schools … more


Christy White Associates’ exceptional audit and assurance services provide the peace of mind that you demand, and the fiscal accountability and transparency that your agency’s constituents expect. How do you do this? Audits are our core business! ... more


In a complex world of tight budgets and increasing demands for services, Christy White Associates clients look for consulting services that make a difference and we deliver! We don’t believe consulting reports should sit on a shelf collecting dust. We believe in workable solutions to everyday problems.... more

Federal Single Audits

Christy White Associates performs over 100 single audits annually for governmental and nonprofit agencies; ranging in size from small agencies with less than $1 million in federal funds to large agencies with over $220 million in federal funds.... more

Fraud Investigation and Forensic Audits

With a trained certified “fraud squad” at ready, Christy White Associates is your ally in combating organizational fraud! We are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and have trained CFEs on staff to respond to your urgent fraud investigation needs. Our forensic audit team combines the latest computer applications along with good old fashion super sleuthing in each investigation. We work closely with legal and law enforcement professionals to maximize the success of prosecution.... more


At Christy White Associates we believe in quality continuing professional education for our clients and staff. To that end, we actively put forth workshops and in-house training on a wide array of accounting and auditing topics. ... more