Not-for-profit entities (NFPs) provide much-needed services to expansive populations in our community. At Christy White Associates, we strive to help our clients focus on their mission activities by supporting the decision makers.  Our NFP experts respond to the unique challenges of the nonprofit business environment through cost-conscious packaged contracts and honest recommendations.

We Serve All Types of Nonprofit Agencies

Our NFP team knows nonprofit accounting, and we understand how to apply it in your agency.  In particular, we specialize in serving nonprofit organizations in the following sectors:

  • Education:  Christy White Associates currently serves many education and education-affiliate nonprofits, including K-12 education foundations, community college foundations, and charter schools.  We can help you manage regulatory reporting, grant and scholarship fund classification, and related entity determinations.
  • Health & Human Services:  Our NFP experts are experienced serving agencies that offer social services, often under contract with the County, State, and/or Federal government.  We can evaluate your program management outcomes, including the time-intensive allocation of resources and personnel time.   We are also specialists in federal compliance auditing under OMB Circular A-133 for those agencies who expend more than $750,000 of Federal funds.
  • Scientific:  Christy White Associates completes annual audits of nonprofit agencies who are involved in research and development.  We understand the multitude of contract arrangements and can help with budgeting and cost center management.
  • Arts & Culture:  Christy White Associates is committed to supporting the Arts!  One way we do so is by helping our nonprofit clients in this sector streamline systems and craft financial reports that can attract the right patrons.

Our service offerings include: financial audits, compliance audits, accounting and review services, Form 990 tax preparation, and consulting.  We pride ourselves on supporting our clients year-round!

More on Public Charter Schools

Independent charter schools are unique in that they are legally formed as nonprofit organizations and yet often operate in a quasi-governmental capacity.  Charter schools are an element of our public school system and are thus subject to many of the same requirements as school districts (e.g.: attendance accounting and state reporting deadlines).  Our mix of NFP and governmental expertise makes Christy White Associates especially qualified to serve charter schools:  you  get quality guidance on topics affecting local education agencies, as well as relevant expertise on how the nonprofit and governmental rules apply to the charter school environment. Our most prominent charter schools are High Tech High and affiliates, Da Vinci Schools, San Carlos Charter Learning Center (SCCLC) and San Diego Cooperative Charter Schools.

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